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About Us 

“Talanta” is the Swahili word for Talent.

We aim to Discover, Develop and Deploy talent in the Information Technology Domain.

We have local presence in the EU and US where we work with clients to address tech needs.


We’ve Got All Your IT Needs Covered

Clean Code, Fast!

At iTalanta, we focus on the quality of our implementations by focusing and investing in technical architecture up-front.  We avoid technical debt and can deliver ever faster, the further we advance in projects.

The good part? As an agency 90% of this work has already been done in past projects! A cost you can thus avoid.

End-to-End Technological Solutions

With a lot of experience in the startup and innovation space, iTalanta partners with organizations as an end-to-end technology solution provider.

Bringing with us a range of different experiences and backgrounds, we look beyond the product- we design holistic solutions that fit well with your vision, team and operations.

Full-Service Offshoring

Full-suite Software-Development-as-a-Service. From (UX-) Design, to Implementation, Change Management, Operationalization, Maintenance & Support. We have experts both in Europe & abroad to stand by you at every step of the way.

We don’t only work, We Educate!


We identify talented youth from disadvantaged communities, such as refugees, teenage mothers etc., and use our ELEWA Educational Models to train them on software development.


We offer a 2-year Apprenticeship Program, where members work in teams on off-shore assignments from local and global customers while gaining a substantial salary


This is where we deploy the talent we have developed internally, complemented with seniors and freelancers who are transferring their know how and skills to the younger team members.

Working with the Best 

Partnering with, and recognized by some of the best and most influential organizations, and institutions.

As an upcoming SaaS in Belgium and France, it’s important to have partners we can rely on. iTalanta handles our product development and maintenance end-to-end.

With support from their Belgian and global talent, we are able to continuously release new features and deliver on our promise – offering the best real-estate management platform in the world!

Geoffroy Uyttenhove

Co-Founder & C.E.O., Syndic4You

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