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iTalanta Academy

The first phase of the iTalanta Programs is called “Gundua Talanta”, Swahili for “Discover Talent”. With the help of partners, we identify talented youth from disadvantaged communities, such as refugees, teenage mothers, incapacitated youngsters from slums, etc.

Candidates only need to have finished secondary education, no prior IT knowledge is required. During the curriculum, students are supervised and supported by iTalanta coaches after which they are employable as “Junior Developers”.

Candidates undergo an intensive 20-week hands-on curriculum, at no cost. The program has been developed and successfully deployed in Belgium, to prepare immigrants for the IT labor market, as coders



we develop talent

iTalanta Apprenticeship Program

The second phase is called “Kuza Talanta”, which is Swahili for “Develop Talent”. This is a 2-year Apprenticeship Program, where members work in teams on off-shore assignments from local and global customers while gaining a substantial salary, they “learn on the job” and constantly up-skill their level as they are coached and supervised by senior IT profiles.

Most of our apprentices are absorbed from our iTalanta Academy, but we recruit in parallel through a stringent selection procedure among other talented youth in East-Africa.

The Apprenticeship Program allows iTalanta to finance the education cost of candidates with the revenue margin generated on the employment of apprentices. It has a strong focus on open source development for high-impact projects.

we deploy TALENT

House of Talent

In the third phase, with “Makazi Talanta” we are “hosting talent”.This is where we deploy the talent we have developed internally, complemented with seniors and freelancers who are transferring their know how and skills to the younger team members.

Our “House of Talent” will aim to attract Digital Nomads, to come from everywhere in the world to Kenya for a limited time, and be part of the development of an ever-growing IT talent pool.


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