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“Talanta” is the Swahili word for “talent”

iTalanta aims to Discover, Develop and Deploy talent in the domain of Information Technology

iTalanta is Elewa at work


Our Services


A range of different services catering to your needs.

Short-Term Consulting

Short term consulting on various ICT- & Software Development-related areas.

We work with both with daily-rate or gig-economy pricing models depending on your needs.

Full-Service Offshoring

Full-suite Software-Development-as-a-Service. We take care of all the practical- and technicals, you show us the vision.

Software Development is a broad field. We help you see “the forest through the trees” and cater for all technical needs you might have. From (UX-) Design, to Implementation, to Change Management, Operationalization, Maintenance & Support.

We have experts both in Europe and abroad to stand by you at every step of the way!



Maybe you already have a (partial-) team in place and are looking for a reliable way to expand your team with the best talent?

We offer recruitment, HR and performance management-services for offshored tech talent.


Technology agnostic, but specialised.

Back: Node, Python & C#

As backend technologies, our main expertise lies in software development across NodeJS, Python & C#.

Building REST API’s, Authentication systems, Graphql services, or working with integrated data models such as Meteor and Firestore. No backend technology has secrets for us.

Front: Angular, React & Vue

On the frontend, we have a preference for working with reactive component-based setups. For such projects, we can rely on a vast library of in-house components, which we deploy throughout the projects we work on.

Not to say we have experience with more “traditional” front-end technologies such as MVC models, Django, etc..

Style: Functional, OO, ...

We master different coding styles and patterns. Stream-, functional-, Object Oriented, … It all depends on the requirements of your use-case!

Focus Areas

Our biggest strenghts and specialised industries.


From GCP, AWS and Azure to as far as Ali Baba Cloud. We work best when powering Cloud Technologies.

Limitless yet cost-effective scaling. Cloud-powered architectures allow us to go into production at high-quality in no-time.

Rich front-ends & PWAs

Build once, deploy everywhere. We have extensive experience with building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are well structured and easy to extend.


Automated Quality Control & Continuous Deployment.

We have experience with TDD, k8s & have a peculiar love for building engines that deploy themselves.

Agile & Design Thinking

Maybe a strange last in the list, as we find agile development to be the norm to such a extent that it’s no longer worth highlighting.

Goes to say we are experts in that too and got you covered 😉

A Unique Value Proposition


Unmatched Quality

Superior project management and rigorous quality control. Our leadership team packs over 70 years of professional experience at high level organizations. 

Cutting-Edge Expertise at your doorstep

Experienced industry experts close to you, in Western Europe, to translate your ICT needs into smart solutions.

Fast, Rapidly Scalable Teams

A quasi unlimited pool of smart and talented and diverse ICT experts to deliver your solutions.

Reasonably Priced

Due to our unique mix of local and global resources, we can deliver high value at an interesting and competitive price.


Partnering with, and recognized by, some of the best and most influential organizations and institutions.

Thierry Van Hilst

Thierry Van Hilst

Our man in Brussels

Over 30 years experience in Executive Search & Recruitment services for mainly the ICT Market.

Deep understanding of the needs and gaps in the European ICT market. Eager to get to know you!

Peter Reinartz

Peter Reinartz

Our man in Kenya

35 years of industry experience in Europe & East-Africa, out of which 28 years in general management positions, with Philips, UPC, Orange Business Services, Telkom Kenya, Wananchi Group Kenya, Eaton Towers Kenya, Balozi Services and dukamili.


12½ years of on-site experience in East Africa, both as MD of international groups and as Founder & CEO of start-ups.

Jente Rosseel

Jente Rosseel

Our man in Cyberspace

Computer Scientist by trade, teacher by heart. 8 years industry experience in software development Passion for Clean Code and IT architecture.

6+ years of experience in startup management of which 5 on the digital highway between Belgium & East-Africa.

Working with the Best!

Partnering with, and recognized by, some of the best and most influential organizations and institutions.


As an upcoming SaaS in Belgium and France, it’s important to have partners we can rely on. iTalanta handles our product development and maintenance end-to-end.

With support from their Belgian and global talent, we are able to continuously release new features and deliver on our promise! Offering the best real-estate management platform in the world!


Geoffroy Uyttenhove, Co-Founder

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Short-Term Consulting

Full-Service Offshoring


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